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Whitelisting WEPSS.com

What Is Whitelisting?

Email Notices, Transactional Emails, and Email newsletters often end up accidentally being sent to the spam folder in your email, even though you signed up for them! To avoid this you need to "whitelist" the sender, but this is different for each different email program and service.

The solution is to tell your email program (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc.) that mail from wepss.com is not spam. To do this you need to add the email notice or newsletter sender’s email address to a "whitelist."

The method varies slightly depending on which email provider or program you use.

Find your email service or email client and click the link get to the instructions below. You need to whitelist the following email addresses.

Always Whitelist Important Emails In Your Spam/Junk Mail Folder

If you find an important email in your spam folder that is not spam you should always take a moment to mark it as "not spam" or "not junk". This usually tells your email program to add the sender to your "whitelist".

Whitelisting Instructions:

Configure your email service or client according to the instructions in the following sections - choose the appropriate one(s) for you. If you find that instructions are incorrect, please Contact Us and let us know so we can update this page.

How to Whitelist in Gmail:

  1. First, if you find email from wepss.com in your Gmail spam folder, select our email and click the "Not Spam" button
  2. Search for any emails from WEPSS in your spam folder by searching for: in:spam wepss.com and then check the box at the upper left to select ALL found items. Last, click the "Move to Inbox" button (to the left of the 'labels' button) to unmark these items as spam and put them into your inbox.
  3. Next, click on the gear at the top right > 'Settings' > 'Filters and Blocked Addresses'
  4. Scroll down and find the link that says, "Create a new filter" and click on it
  5. In the "From" field, type @wepss.com
  6. Click the 'Create Filter' link
  7. Check the box next to "Never send it to Spam"
  8. Check the box next to "Also apply filter to XX matching conversations" (where XX is the number of emails that gmail has found in your inbox that match this filter)
  9. Click the "Create Filter" button

How to Whitelist in Hotmail / Live / Outlook on the Web:

This link shows you in detail how to whitelist in Hotmail, Live, and Outlook for the Web: https://www.whitelist.guide/outlook/

  1. Add "wepss.com" as a safe sender domain.

How to Whitelist Yahoo Email / SBCGobal Email / ATT.net Email:

You must set up a "filter," but first:

  1. If you find email from @wepss.com in your "Yahoo! bulk" folder, open the email and click "Not Spam."
  2. If you find mail from @wepss.com in your "Blocked Addresses" list in "Settings", select the email and click "Remove Block."

Now to create the filter:

  1. Open Yahoo! Mail and click on the Gear and select "Settings" in the upper right hand corner or "...More" icon in the Nav bar.
  2. Select "Filters" (in the bottom left corner), or select "Filter Emails Like This..."
  3. On the Filters page, click "Add"
  4. Select the "From header:" rule, and add "contains" and add "wepss.com".
  5. Click the "Choose Folder" pull down menu and select "Inbox".
  6. Pick the Add Filter button or "Save"

How to Whitelist in Microsoft Outlook (The application, not online):

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options
  2. On the Preferences tab, click Junk E-mail
  3. On the Safe Senders tab, click Add
  4. Add sales@wepss.com where it says "Add address".
  5. Add register@wepss.com , registration@wepss.com , and results@wepss.com in the same way.
  6. Click OK

How to Whitelist Apple Mail / OSX:

  1. First, if email from WEPSS.com ends up in your junk folder, highlight or open it and click "Not Junk" at the top of your screen.
  2. Go to "Mail" > "Preferences"
  3. Go to "Mail" > "Preferences" Go to the Rules tab
  4. Select Add Rule
  5. Give this rule a name such as "Email from WEPSS"
  6. Create a rule that says "If any of the following conditions are met: 'From' 'Contains'" and then paste in "wepss.com"
  7. From the actions, select 'Move message' to mailbox 'Inbox'.
  8. Click "OK"

How to Whitelist AOL.com Email:

You must add our email addresses to your AOL address book as follows:

  1. Search for email from us in the Spam folder. If you find an email in the Spam folder, then open it and click the "Not Spam" button.
  2. Click the Contacts link (or open your AOL Address Book)
  3. Click the +New button.
  4. In the New Contact window, sales@wepss.com into the "Primary E-Mail 1" field
  5. Click Another email, and enter register@wepss.com
  6. Click Another email, and enter registration@wepss.com
  7. Click Another email, and enter results@wepss.com
  8. Click "Create"

How to Whitelist Office 365:

  1. In the Exchange admin center click on Mail Flow.
  2. Next create a new rule by clicking on the + icon and click Bypass spam filtering...
  3. Select on the *Apply this rule if… for The sender… domain is
  4. Add the wepss.com domain
  5. Select Stop Processing more rules and then click save.

How to Whitelist in CenturyLink Email:

Source: http://internethelp.centurylink.com/internethelp/security-fsecure-v9-spam.html

To edit your list of trusted e-mail addresses:

Choose one of the following actions.

To add a new e-mail address: To edit an e-mail address: To remove an e-mail address from the allowed senders list:

How to Whitelist Mozilla Thunderbird:

You need to add us to your address book, and set the Junk Mail Controls to whitelist us in your address book.

  1. First, check your Junk folder. If you find email from any wepss.com , right-click on the email and choose "Mark as Not Junk"
  2. Next, click the "Address Book" button
  3. Highlight the Personal Address Book (left column)
  4. Click on "New Contact"
  5. In the "Contact" tab, set "Email" to sales@wepss.com
  6. Set "Additional Email" to register@wepss.com or registration@wepss.com
  7. Click "Ok" and close the Address Book
  8. From the main Thunderbird menu, choose "Tools > Account Settings"
  9. For each email account, expand the settings and choose "Junk Settings" from the expanded account settings.
  10. Ensure "Personal Address Book" is checked under "Do not mark mail as junk if the sender is in:"
  11. Once you have done this for each email account, click OK

How to Whitelist BlackBerry:

  1. Find any message from @wepss.com.
  2. Get to the field where their name is listed, click the Berry button and then click Show Address.
  3. Select and copy the email address to the clipboard.
  4. Go into Address Book and find the user.
  5. Select Save.
  6. Click to edit it, and then click the Berry button to add another email address.
  7. Paste it in and click Save

How to Whitelist Comcast Email:

  1. Sign into Webmail.
  2. On the left navigation menu, click Address Book.
  3. Click Add Contact.
  4. Under the General tab, in the box under the Email Address, enter sales@wepss.com
  5. Repeat for register@wepss.com , registration@wepss.com , and results@wepss.com
  6. Click the Add button.
  7. If you have enabled "Restrict Incoming Email," also do the following:
  8. Select Preferences.
  9. Select "Restrict Incoming Email". If Enable Email Controls is set to Yes, then you are restricting incoming emails.
  10. Select Allow email from addresses listed below.
  11. Enter sales@wepss.com
  12. Click the Add button.
  13. Repeat for register@wepss.com , registration@wepss.com , and results@wepss.com

How to Whitelist Earthlink Email:

  1. Click the Address Book button to open your address book in the browser.
  2. Click the Add Contact button (if you use EarthLink 5.0 or higher, click the Add button).
  3. Type in sales@wepss.com into the email address slot and then click OK.
  4. Repeat for register@wepss.com , registration@wepss.com , and results@wepss.com

How to Whitelist Verizon.net Email:

  1. Go to your account and click on the Address Book link in the left column.
  2. Select Create Contact.
  3. The Add Address Book Entry screen appears. In the Email field, enter sales@wepss.com
  4. In the Nickname field, type WEPSS
  5. Select Save.
  6. Do the same for register@wepss.com , registration@wepss.com , and results@wepss.com

How to Whitelist in Postini:

  1. Log into your Postini account
  2. Look the Junk area
  3. If you find email from any WEPSS.com address check the checkbox to select the email
  4. Click the "Deliver Selected" link at the top of the Junk screen
  5. On the next screen, click the "Approve Sender" checkbox next to the email
  6. Click the "Approve Selected Senders" button
  7. Do the same for each of sales@wepss.com , register@wepss.com , registration@wepss.com , and results@wepss.com

Whitelisting Email in Other Email Applications & Webmail Services

If you use a Web mail system or email application adding the sales@wepss.com , register@wepss.com , registration@wepss.com , and results@wepss.com addresses to your "address book", "safe list", "whitelist" or "contact list" will usually work.

Also, check your "spam", "bulk" or "junk" folder. If the email is there look for a way to indicate that it is not spam. For example by selecting the email and clicking a button such as "Not Spam" or "Not Junk".

Thank you. Please Contact Us if you have any questions.

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