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Bulk Purchase The WEPSS!

Directions for ordering and taking the WEPSS.

  1. Bulk purchases are not emailed. You must access these via API or view in your WEPSS account.
  2. Indicate how many tests you wish to purchase and where you want the results sent. Click on Buy Now and complete your purchase by paying through PayPal.
  3. After you purchase the WEPSS, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your purchase, sent to the email address you provided when paying through PayPal. You will need to view your codes in your WEPSS account, and share each one to the person whom you wish to take the test.
  4. The person who will be taking the test (you, if you are purchasing for yourself, or the test taker, if you are buying this for someone else) will go to https://www.wepss.com/register.asp, and register for a free account by providing an e-mail address, choosing a password, and adding some optional demographic information. Once you have registered, you can then take the WEPSS. These steps are necessary to guarantee that the results go to the correct person.
Pricing Options

Here you have the option to purchase a single use or multiple uses of the WEPSS. You receive a 10 % discount if you order 25 or more codes. Please note! Test Codes are now language-specific, and you will only be able to use the test code in the language you purchased it in (and you are currently viewing the page in English).

Results Go To:
Person who takes the test.

Person who ordered the test.

Both Buyer and Test Taker.

If you are an individual and are purchasing this test for yourself or a few others, you can indicate that you want the results to go to the e-mail of the person who takes the test. Select the option: Person who takes the test.

If you are a consultant or workshop presenter, you can indicate that you want the results of your participants to go to your e-mail and not to the person(s) taking the test. You can then send the code and link to your participants; they will take the test; and you will receive the results. When they take the inventory, they will need to enter their e-mail address and some demographic information to match the test code with the test taker and they will need to create their own password. Select the option: Person who ordered the test.

If you want the results to go to yourself as well as the person taking the test, select the option: Both Buyer and Test Taker.

Pricing Options
 Test Code(s)
Results Go To

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