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The Enneagram is one of the most useful tools for understanding personality styles at work, in relationships, and for self-awareness. The WEPSS is a standardized, reliable, and valid Enneagram inventory, the only one published by a major psychological test company and reviewed in Buros‘s Mental Measurements Yearbook, a respected authority in the testing field.

The WEPSS measures the resourceful and less-resourceful characteristics of each of the nine Enneagram styles. 97% of those who take the WEPSS identify with one of their top 3 scores. NOW you can click on links in your 13-page test report to view your 2nd and 3rd highest score as your favored style, giving you a totally different profile so you can determine which one fits you best. For one low cost you get 3 tests for the price of 1! Also included is an extended section explaining how to interpret your WEPSS scores. If you have taken the WEPSS previously, you can log into your account and view these updated features which have been automatically added to your results.

The WEPSS can be purchased for single use and in multiple copies by individuals, consultants, and workshop presenters. Results and interpretation are immediately accessible online and via email. The test is currently available in English, Spanish, German, and Danish in the online version (Click on Flags At Top!).

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